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<nettime> Bradley Manning Support Network: WikiLeaks fulfills pledge to
Patrice Riemens on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 09:18:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Bradley Manning Support Network: WikiLeaks fulfills pledge to support accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning

Following on my post about Bradley Manning I received this link from a
nettime reader (thanks!)


WikiLeaks fulfills pledge to support accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning

Providence, RI, January 13, 2011 ? On Monday, WikiLeaks fulfilled its
pledge to contribute toward the legal defense of accused whistleblower
Bradley Manning by transferring $15,100 to the legal trust account of
Manning?s attorney. WikiLeaks publicly solicited donations specifically
for the expenses of Manning?s legal defense following his arrest in May

In light of WikiLeaks? current fiscal challenges ? due in large part to
the shameful actions of Visa, MasterCard and PayPal in cutting off
services to WikiLeaks at the behest of the US government ? the Bradley
Manning Support Network commends WikiLeaks for their contribution at this
time. ?This donation from WikiLeaks is vital to our efforts to ensure
Bradley receives a fair, open trial,? says founder and steering committee
member Mike Gogulski.

The Support Network does not name donors as a matter of course. However,
WikiLeaks? pledge and anticipated contribution have been a matter of
public record and ongoing interest.

This contribution by WikiLeaks brings the total funds raised and
transferred to Bradley?s civilian legal defense team, led by attorney
David Coombs, to over $100,000. The minimum amount necessary to mount a
vigorous defense for Bradley Manning is estimated to be $115,000.

Having funded nearly the entire legal bill months prior to court-martial,
the Support Network is now turning its efforts to broadening a public
education campaign regarding the charges against Bradley as well as the
inhumane conditions that he currently endures in confinement at the brig
in Quantico, Virginia. The issues at hand include government transparency,
online freedom of expression, the content of the leaked materials in
question and the urgency of bringing an end to America?s wars of

The components of this campaign will include the public ?Stand with Brad?
declaration at www.standwithbrad.org, nationwide events to coincide with
Bradley?s pre-trial Article 32 hearing, expected in March, and another
round of events in conjunction with the court-martial itself, anticipated
for this summer.

?We have seen an enormous outpouring of support internationally, in
donations as well as volunteers,? stated Jeff Paterson, steering committee
member for the Bradley Manning Support Network. ?Internationally, people
are speaking out against the unjust imprisonment of Bradley Manning, who
is for all intents accused of acting out of moral conviction. Our network
applauds WikiLeaks for making this donation and urges others to protest
any attempt by the government to use Manning as a scapegoat or to hold a
secret trial.?

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Check out http://www.bradleymanning.org/  for much more and how to join...

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