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<nettime> Final Call: RECLAIM the MIND
ajaco c/o bid on Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:18:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Final Call: RECLAIM the MIND

Final Call:

Call for Submissions
Deadline: January 31 2011
Friction Research Issue #4, Spring 2011

    "When the possibility of expressing social reform vanishes, time has
come to change our minds. [A.A. 2010]"

Reclaim the Mind is a transmedial collaborative initiative exploring empty
spots in the human mind by:

- occupying the area between 'reality' and 'truth',
- re-using forgotten (collective) memory-spaces,
- connecting mental processes with physical spaces,
- rewriting, tearing apart, scratching and stretching our lived
environment in an effort to liberate our ursurpated sensibilities.

Reclaim the Mind reclaims the idiomatic resources, abused by the Creative
Industries and jeopardized by a majority of National Governments, and will
intentionally break separations between established cultural and political

Reclaim the Mind aims to protect the incomprehensible treasure of mankind,
threatened by:

Censorship, Territorization, Mapping, Propaganda, Misconduct, Betrayal,
Charlatanism, Mediocrity, Commercialized Education, Orthodoxy, Cultural
Lobotomization, Zombie State Politics

We invite artists, writers, academics to contribute to our call for works
by submitting works, which reflects upon 'Reclaiming the Mind', in a
broader sense, ranging from visuals, videos, musics, essays etc. to:

submissions2011 {AT} nictoglobe.com

or using our submission management system:


The following digital formats apply:

text: word, rtf, pdf or text - ca. 2000 words, abstracts ca. 500 words.
images: jpg, png, gif - any size/format
video: mov, mpg - duration: no more than 2 minutes.
audio: wav, mp3 - duration: no more than 5 minutes.

Feel free to adorn your submission.

Submissions will be published in the Spring 2011 issue of Nictoglobe
Online Magazine as part of our 'Friction Research Series'


Andreas Maria Jacobs - Editor
Nictoglobe Online Magazine


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