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Re: <nettime> The video above is less than a minute long. Please take a moment to watch it.]


i'm rather sceptic...i wonder what kind of social changes can result of
transmitting pictures/videos with mobiles...
What is the engine of action ?   the people or  the technology use

You said :

> From isolated single user experiences to a global social fabric    .
> These mobile devices are the of Gutenberg presses of our generation.
> This is not a bubble, this is a revolution                         .

I'm afraid of the possibility of masses control by the mobiles
devices. For me these technologies give an opportunity to manage the
global society with data, (database, data-meaning and so)...

If the people try to send videos on the internet, it's not only for
sending informations... it's also because we are in an ego trip time.
The individualities are the main important things for the market...
Single people are easy controlled.

And what do happen if a state like Egypt, stops the internet and the mobiles
networks... ?
The people will continue to struggle...
Mobile devices are mainly a business...
I don't see a revolution or for the market and for the phones compagnies....

Or maybe on the time... with mobile devices the time is shorter than ever...
Always you need to respond in instant...
Mobile devices are  life time human burners...

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