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<nettime> Some thoughts on Facebook
Emile Zile on Mon, 31 Jan 2011 12:51:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Some thoughts on Facebook


I left facebook last week.

tired of the mirrors, noise and eyes.
tired of prickly, intimate and fleshy human relationships being  
flattened into ‘friend’-nodes, the erasure of myth by constant  
visibility and  exhausting availability.

what kind of network society do i want to support? a closed compound  
of willingly data-mined crayons or an open net of chance and  

if facebook is the brightly-lit suburban mall of internet  
communication, i want to be under the bridges; in the torrent-swapping  
irc channels, small social networks, anonymous message boards and  
darker locations thriving with their own individual languages and codes.

tired of feeling exposed, of being infantilised, of being farmed.

the incessant ‘now’ of FB started to infect my creative process;  
making for ‘blip’ attention spans and the enormous appetite of the  
beast, as Geert Lovink puts it ‘feeding a machine’. I want to think in  
longer time frames to make deeper work.

tired of feelings of interpassivity and the formless mild angst it  
instills in me; spectacle 2.0 and the build-your-own-ego-ghetto.

hello friends, goodbye facebook.


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