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<nettime> UK CALLING ::news and articles from uniriot.org::

 *[sorry for any cross posting]*
Al contadin non far sapere .. riflessioni in presa soggettiva delle giornate
di lotta londinesi
Londra 9 dicembre 2010, verso le tre di pomeriggio, dopo un seminario con i
miei studenti raggiungo i miei amici alla manifestazione contro i tagli
all?educazione in Parliament Square. Arrivo dal Goldsmiths College con uno
dei miei studenti, camminiamo a braccetto, recitando la parte di una coppia
di turisti spensierati che ammirano gli edifici di Whitehall; indifferenti
alla polizia tutta attorno a noi, ridiamo allegramente della nostra
?performance?. [...]

UK - This weekend, restart the movement for
(January 26, 2011) This Saturday?s demonstrations are a perfect opportunity
to bring the spirit of last year?s student revolt back onto the streets in
Manchester and in London. And the National Assembly for Education on Sunday
can bring our movement back together to discuss and unite around a strategy
for 2011. Momentum for the march on Parliament continues to build up
in. [...]

Political autism in the
The last 15 years: In the mid-1990s precariousness crept in, starting from
the workforce sustaining the infrastructure of the university: porters,
cleaners, caterers, NUS bars were sold to agencies and private
contractors. In the meantime, hierarchies between academic disciplines were
established on the basis of cost benefit analyses. 'Overseas students'
became spoken of as cash cows. Cuts targeted 'low income' faculties:
blackmailed into making business cases for their own survival, they had to
'reinvent', 'rebrand' themselves. [...]

The Big Society Bites
(16 January 2011) ?Move along folks, you?re blocking a cash point.? This
pithy synopsis of the neoliberal logic driving the policing of student
protest was delivered unironically by one of London Met?s Finest to the
milling crowd at a recent demonstration at the Department for Business,
Innovation and Skills, whose inmates gazed down apprehensively from their
glass cubicles as the plods herded us a safe distance from the hapless
hangmen charged with the execution of the English university. [...]

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