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<nettime> "no-fly-zone over Libya" or "act of imperialism"
Goran Maric on Sat, 5 Mar 2011 22:37:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> "no-fly-zone over Libya" or "act of imperialism"

I would like to share these two very interesting video articles.  One is
from Al Jazeera, a panel discussion, ?Can a no-fly-zone over Libya really
help to end the violence in Libya??

The other article is "The aReal News Network," Paul Jay's interview with
Hamid Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at
Columbia University in New York, ?Supporting Libyan Revolution, Opposing
Foreign Intervention,?

Every time the US government is willing to use its military might for
?humanitarian? reasons I feel quite uncomfortable. Especially if one
follows the statement made by Hamid Dabashi, ? US intervenes in Libya, will
be act of imperialism. ...? The important point that Mr. Dabashi makes is
that there is a question, by the US and British government, interestingly
put forward to peace activists throughout the world in a way, should the
military intervention be accepted as a valid mean of helping people of
Libya who have been assaulted by Libyan military airplanes, or if the one
is not accepted it, ( no-fly zone ), as a valid option, do the activists
face the question of being accused of complaisance . Mr. Dabashi is
actually saying that the question has to be redirected toward the western
governments and put ?them,? the power structures, in the position of
?either or? because, in the first place, it is the western ammunition
purchased from the west that has been used against Libyan people. 

Also if these two video articles are approached comparatively, what seemed
to me is that Al Jazeera's panel is done more as a mean, tool, for finding
justification for the implementation of ?no-fly? zone.  I do not see a
strong objection has been successfully raised  to the tremendous
?hypocritical? nature of Obama's and alikes concerns with the refuges
crisis on the border of Libya, while there are millions of refuges and
displaced people in Iraq. 

Though, we might conclude that the goal of Al Jazeera's panel wasn't to
address this issue, moral-hypocritical nature of Obama's call ( my
interpretation ), but rather to discuss technicality of a military act,
i.e., ?no-fly? zone, one cannot but wonder the real goal of this video
article. The overall impression to me was that it is rather a preparation
of ?public domain -terranean? for accepting military intervention.

Anyhow the question would be, ?How we can turn this question of being
accused of complicity if one doesn't accept any military intervention of
any kind? around and impose it upon western governments? 		 	   		  

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