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Re: <nettime> " Take Your Power Back
MK Karnak on Tue, 8 Mar 2011 20:35:53 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> " Take Your Power Back

Dear Goran and Everybody Else,

One of the things that the Anonymous crowd has given me is resolve.  They
have begun a campaign to boycott the Koch Brothers paper products.  A group
of people shut down the BoA in Washington yesterday or today and they
picketed the meeting of the attorneys general.  There are people organizing
a lawsuit against Scott Walker for his actions which appear connected to
The Koch Brother's campaign contributions.  Under the OECD treaty which we
signed for a politician, agency person or public servant to "take an
action" apparently in response to a contribution, gift or other
remuneration of any kind is considered a bribe.

THINGS UNDER THE OECD, but a European can.  They can cite the impact of
corruption upon their current economic situation (lots of info on the
rotten derivatives sold largely due to corruption) and Walker's behavior as
one example of that problem...he then can be pursued under the OECD bribery

The fact is that you are not powerless. From not buying paper products to
complaining to your cable company about coverage to subscribing to real
news blogs, you have power to begin eroding the wall built by the evil
ones.  The biggest strength that you have is faith in the goodness of
people themselves.  That faith, which comes out of emails that express
concern over the current state of affairs, weakens their hold on all of us.
What they are counting on is naked self-interest. Everything that we do for
EACH OTHER AND OUR FUTURE eats away at their chains.

Write those letters, make those shopping lists, pray for change, donate
money to the Solidarity work, soup kitchens etc.  Every kind act and
charitable action weakens them.


From: Goran Maric <goranmaric58 {AT} hotmail.com>
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To nettimers and the rest, especially here in the U.S.

Yes, Michael B., I also feel powerless and do not know what and how to act.
It is not easy to be intelligent when faced with real and or projected
fears of "sweet coercive" measures from our "government for the people,"
that one can face, here, in the country of brave, the country of free.  

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