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Ram Bhat on Thu, 17 Mar 2011 05:29:22 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> please donate

For those interested in knowing the ground realities in Japan, from a people's
perspective, find below listings from Jun'inchi Hibino (radio FMYY), a
community broadcaster from Japan

The list of active community broadcasting stations in the affected areas on
March 15

Yamagata prefecture??? Yamagata City??? 76.2MHz  http://www.fm762.co.jp/
                78.8MHz  http://www.vigofm.co.jp/  (twitter)??? Sakata City???

Fukushima prefecture??? Iwaki City??? 76.2MHz
http://www.fm-iwaki.co.jp/cgi-bin/WebObjects/1201dac04a1.woa/??? Fukushima
City??? 76.2MHz http://www.fm-poco.co.jp/ (twitter)
Kitakata City??? 78.2MHz  http://www.fm-kitakata.co.jp/
Aizuwakamatsu City??? 76.2MHz http://www.fmaizu.com/ Motomiya City???77.7MHz
Aomori prefecture??? Hachinohe City??? 76.5MHz  http://www.befm.co.jp/
Hirosaki City??? 78.8MHz  http://www.applewave.co.jp/ (twitter)
 Inakadate Village???76.3MHz http://www.fm-jaigo.co.jp/   Mutsu City??? 76.2MHz
Iwate prefecture??? Oshu City??? 77.8MHz  http://www.oshu-fm.jp/
 Morioka City???76.9MHz http://www.radiomorioka.co.jp/ (twitter)???  Hanamaki
City???78.7MHzhttp://fm-one.net/ Ninohe City???77.9MHz
Akita prefecture??? Yuzawa City???76.3MHz  http://www.yutopia.or.jp/~fm763/
Akita City???76.5MHz http://www.fm765.com/
Miyagi prefecture??? Iwanuma City???77.9MHz??? Izumi Ward???79.7MHz
http://www.fm797.co.jp/(intermittent, daytime?????? Aoba Ward???76.2MHz??? Shiogama
City???78.1MHz??? Ishinomaki City???76.4MHz
Ibaraki prefecture??? Mito City???76.2MHz??? Tsukuba City???84.2MHz
http://radio-tsukuba.net/???  Kashima City???76.7MHz http://www.767fm.com/


On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 6:55 PM, nmagnan <nmagnan {AT} altern.org> wrote:

> so the market is selling Japan creating a crash while we are asked to
> donate on a private basis, is that the story ?

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