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<nettime> Video Vortex News
Geert Lovink on Thu, 17 Mar 2011 13:20:20 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Video Vortex News

Dear nettimers,

last weekend we hosted the 6th Video Vortex conference, here in  

Here some news and announcements from our growing online video network.

VV 7 will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by the Contemporary Arts  
Museum in April-May 2012.

There will be a VV Summer School on the Croatian island Vis in August  

This is part of an effort to establish an international VV online  
video masters degree.

Blog reports of VV 6 are available on the INC website and the videos  
of the talks will be there shortly.


The Video Vortex Reader II can be downloaded as a pdf here:


If you like to get the Video Vortex II reader, please let us know.

For the VV6 occasion a third print run of the Video Vortex I was made  
(total is now 4750 copies).

Of course the VV I reader can also still be downloaded as a pdf  
through the same page:


If you have a class or conference that focusses on online video you  
can order the necessary books.

The readers are free and will be shipped to your school from Amsterdam.

Please write to: books {AT} networkcultures.org

Urban Screens readers are also still there, as is Dmitri Kleiner's  
Telecommunist Manifesto.

Having said that, this only works if you send us your (correct) postal  

Believe it or not but most people actually forget to do this... They  
think an email is enough.

Best from Geert and the entire team  {AT}  INC

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