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Re: <nettime> Janos Sugar sentenced for „Wash your dirty money with my a
Calin Dan on Sat, 4 Jun 2011 01:14:47 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Janos Sugar sentenced for „Wash your dirty money with my art”

Hi Stephen, Geert, Janos, all,

while I also am curious of Janos' reaction to the latest developments of his case (unless his silence is part of a strategy that I have no instruments to judge or question), I just want to add stress to your remark that the EU legislative/execute bodies did not have any significat reaction to the escalation of right wing politics and policies in what is after all a member state and the current EU president.

I do not thin k tha tlanguage has anything to do with it, but geopolitics anc broader cultural perception do: for the "former" West (as labelled ironically by a cultural initiative started last year in the Netherlands) the span of attention and the sense of identity can go as far as Vienna. Beyond that are ruling other "former" spheres of influence. The antisemitic, xenophobic, anti-civil rights governance in Budapest seems to be of no great concern because Hungary is after all part of another paradigm. And that is - of course, even if we look at recent events from former Yugoslavia - a problem that will fire back, one way or the other.


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Hi Calin,

we're all shocked and disgusted by this - and yes, I can imagine that Janos will have or has an idea about a suitable reaction. I agree that the usual 'letter of support' may be useless, and there are other ways supporting Janos and properly criticizing this untenable situation. One real hurdle <...>

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