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Re: <nettime> Lies Inc. in the UK (and in Venezia ,-)
Patrice Riemens on Tue, 7 Jun 2011 09:24:28 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Lies Inc. in the UK (and in Venezia ,-)

Just for the sake of records, I did not see the Italian pavillion, or
rather I probably marched in and out thru it on my way to & from the
Indian one (btw, the promised Ranjit Hoskote intro "Pavillion as
Laboratory" is on the Sarai Reader List: http://bit.ly/iy2IXg) without
very much noticing (*) And strictly speaking as a non art buff, I anyway
got the impression that there was a lot of crap on show at this

Amateurs of the Baroque might all the same have prefered the Hong Kong
display of Frog King/ Frogtopia/ HongKornutopia - by Kwok Mang-ho & motley
crewe which I found hilarious, yet genuine, and superlatively enjoyable!

And mention of the Hungarian pav., which I missed as well, makes me hark
back to the Janos Sugar thread, where surprise was expressed on one post
about the lack of response/ protest in the EU against the rightist turn
taken by politics in that country as opposed to the ruckus when Haider
came into the Austrian government some years ago. Well, fact is (sic) that
this particular piece of EU voluntarism was widely perceived in Brussels
circles as a first rate 'SABENA' (Such A Bad Experience Never Again),
hence not to be repeated. Also, taking my sister as reality check (!), we
nettimers might have to realise that the move of the W-European extreme
right  towards the centre of power is seen by many 'normal' people as
perfectly acceptable and even justified given the perceived threats of
'insecuritzy', 'terrorism', 'Muslim take-over' and what have you...

Cheerio from Laibach, where nothing happens, p+3D!

(*) correction - no I can't have seen it, as it is north of the Indian Pav.

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