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Re: <nettime> New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose funding
Matze Schmidt on Thu, 16 Jun 2011 23:04:20 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose funding


Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 4:03:31 PM, Lorenzo Taiuti wrote:

> We must find a way to show the dutch government to defend their outstanding
> cultural work and defend those important achievements.

I can not see why one -- we?, which 'we'? -- should do that. In fact it
is interesting to see that attacks on the cultural sector, here the very
special subsidized sector of media arts and theory, triggers this 'we',
which appears to be foremost a lobby building.

Can only repeat what I wrote somewhere else:

"The policies of states as a function of the capital are quite clear and
not at all an uprising [how some name this process] since it's their
task to save banks and cash flow (event against banks, as it was the
case in USA in 2008). Otherwise credit systems would fall over the bones
of the payment defaults due to a hyper number of commodities no one can
buy. Thesis is, that there is a superior number of media art/tech works
which has to be canalized like numbers of products have to be canalized
in other sectors as well. This depends on the structure of national
capitals, true. But nonproductive fields in sectors have to leave the
spot. So there's a need to fight for ones own field in the sector
(distribution battle).

But what states and state banks can not end is the deeper crisis of the
nonmarketable coming from exactly this overproduction of goods/wares.
However the obvious and bigger problem now is the government loans which
have to payed back to money lenders on the credit markets (Goodbye
Greece). This is the situation NL is in (as far as I know The
Netherlands is still better than Canada in state debts), that's all. So
why not go and widen the understanding of creative industries? What
about the low wages sector people, isn't it creative to wash the dishes
of programmers? Don't get me wrong, the creative class is no class, it
is a stratum of society which takes itself for a separate and detached

The task for the rests of the subsidized media sector could be now to
understand the phases of the economical crisis and find ways of display
and representation for its political outcomes rather than to fight for
This in view of the fact that this half public = half state owned
cultural sector depends totally on the capital's productive sectors such
as car industry, machine-building and engeneering, thus on funds fed by
wage-labor ^(fiscal revenues).

Matze Schmidt

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