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<nettime> Anti-Disciplinary Feedback and the Will to Effect
Josephine Berry Slater on Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:33:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Anti-Disciplinary Feedback and the Will to Effect

This article by Lars Bang Larsen in Mute's latest issue (Vol 3 #1) should be of interest to many nettimers ... it investigates the delicate balance between (negative) feedback as a means of creating static systems of control and (positive) feedback as autopoietic and anti-disciplinary means... both of which intersect and play off each other in the political and cultural forms of the cold war period....


Anti-Disciplinary Feedback and the Will to Effect

By Lars Bang Larsen

The recursive forms of feedback made strange bedfellows out of cold war cybernetics and tripped-out psychedelia. In a reworking of a talk given at the Showroom gallery's Signal:Noise event, Lars Bang Larsen reads counter-cultural ‘good vibrations' literally and politically


See also:

Mute Vol 3 #1 - Double Negative Feedback

'Double Negative Feedback' expresses the hope that the chaos unleashed by the cybernetic loops of financialisation, post-Fordist production and networked life might not only be entropic and exploitative. The noise generated by 'positive feedback' also takes the form of the explosions we are seeing in the Arab world, the anti-disciplinary uses of cybernetic control systems, the 'shared precarity' of compositional improvising, and the ripples of a political organising that no longer assumes a common identity but instead acknowledges our common vulnerability.


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