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Jaromil on Sun, 19 Jun 2011 06:10:12 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> bittorrent of protest (was Re: [NetBehaviour] [spectre] looks like Slovenia might be next)

dear Armin,

thanks for voicing your feelings on this, i can relate to them.

today we hear the voices of yet another community being hit (and as
you know InI are part of it), while so far there has been an obvious
lack of transversal solidarity between different classes of
citizens... while the ministers of austerity knock an house after the
other, noone really noticed neighbours being missing.

On Sat, 18 Jun 2011, Armin Medosch wrote:
> Those cuts, as disagreeable as they are, need to be seen in a wider
> context of an era where arts and humanities programmes are cut (100%
> funding cut of university funding for humanities and social sciences
> in UK, lots of cuts in the US), independent research is being cut
> (NL, AT)

IMHO what is happening to the cultural sectors in Europe should be
seen as emanating from the Bologna process which in 2001 has already
hit universities first. FWIW, Dutch readers might want to have a look
at this article which I consider a very good analysis

> Yet the positive outcome is that people start to fight for a
> different kind of society. Mainstream media don't report it much but
> in Athens on Syntagma square remarkable scenes are happening

lucky for us Mute is breaking the blackout today http://ur1.ca/4gt79

> Resistance is forming in England with the UK Uncut campaign and now
> the unions waking up, not to forget the students of course.

and in Spain too.

meanwhile, I've lived a paradox just yesterday after a presentation of
http://DYNDY.net to the public of Mal au Pixel in Paris, someone asked
me privately: is it you the cause of this funding cuts in NL? :)

our focus in DYNDY is on community currencies and sustainability
beyond state funding...  now, considering the slogan "go crowdsource
now, motherfuckers" can be read between the lines of Mr Zijlstra...

> Thus, rather than seeing this as a narrow case where one defends
> one's interests as a cultural producer in a narrow field, a broader
> solidarisation and political activisation is called for.

... its funny and sad at the same time to see that some people hit by
scarcity will not just whine, but eventually point the finger at
innovations moved by necessity and lack of redistribution.

sure ma'am, our sin is being precogs,
forever damned by the wrath of forecasting.

> and all that, the new media scene can find its political voice in
> solidarity with others and add unique image making and communication
> skills in a bittorrent of protest

the "new media scene" that wasn't tamed by the creative industries has
all moved in Berlin since a while, for obvious sustainability reasons;
meanwhile squatting has been banned in NL, which leaves us a potential
crowd of deluded cultural operators turning into a rioting mob, yet
leave me the benefice of doubt on this one.

how actual would be to discuss about housing prices right now?  
Thanks Matteo once again, the "Art of Renting" really is a good piece.
The dynamics of this machinery are way bigger, as Armin outlines, and
might indeed lead to some new historical mark.

pragmatically yours, still sitting in NL and waiting for the "let's
roll up the sleeves" stage, you all know where to find me.


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