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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees
Nancy Mauro-Flude on Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:47:30 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

Hello Gita

> Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 19:01:48 +0200
> From: Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>
> To: <nettime-l {AT} kein.org>
>  if you're going, you can choose
> to limit your critical engagement to ranting on the list about the
> fees and then go on to organized dinners and partake of the touristic
> views of taksim while hobnobbing with other like-minded touring
> academics and artists; or, you could engage with the politics of the
> local (which will include isea for its duration) in multiple
> meaningful ways.  the force is yours to use.

I must admit I enjoy a good dinner party - a communion with friends,
comrades & random proxys. But am I a neo-liberal bastard for that?
Your view is polarising &, as individuals we all have reasons for
going & some of us do engage on a local level during ISEA & use it
as a platform to do so. ISEA2009 Belfast I hooked up with a local
writer/performance poets & snuck him in to some of the sessions at
ISEA09 results were totally positive. An account of this can be found
here: http://bit.ly/ps2-sister0-belfast

[read it all and you will find that Seamus Fox, I am certain, wouldn't
have ever been exposed to electronic art if it wasn't for ISEA
inviting me to participate.

For the present, in istanbull I'll be catching up with RG, host
of http://www.eclectictechcarnival.org/2009-istanbul and the
amberFestival crew http://www.amberfestival.org/

For the future 2013 ISEA will be in Sydney - a country I am a citizen.
Here, I am witness to 'hi-res ipad.imac wank logo' aesthetic becoming
the norm and even teetering on encompassing the definition of hacking!
Tokenistic participatory cultures et. al., whom have long forgotten
VNS' assertion that: "the clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix,",
therefore as an artist whom has spent years building up a discourse
in electronic art who is inspired by the very critical freesoftware
movement - I want to be a part of that from the inside.

Participating in ISEA doesn't mean I / we don't contribute to critical
development of digital culture at a more grass roots level. I give a
personal response for the complexity of mine is possibly mirrored by
others also participating. Since 2005 I have been a participant in
ISEA every 2 years -*wherever it is* - this isn't a planned pattern
but something that has emerged. Practically this sometimes works
to participate remote. It's ok to question these structures - its
important, but if you are asking people to justify themselves for
critical engagement because they are involved its not fair.

nancy mauro-flude


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