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<nettime> new MIT Press book series
Sandra Braman on Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:34:41 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> new MIT Press book series

An important new book series from The MIT Press

Information Policy

Edited by Sandra Braman and Paul T. Jaeger

Information policy provides the context for, and thus affects,
all communication, interactions, and social processes. The
parametric functions of information policy at the boundaries of
social, knowledge, and technological systems undergoing change are
particularly significant during this period of transformations in
law-state-society relations.

The MIT Press Information Policy Book Series will advance scholarly
discussion about and offer ideas for addressing significant
information policy problems. The Series broadly defines information
policy as all laws, regulations, policies and decision-making
principles that affect any form of information creation, processing,
flows, access, and use. It encompasses not only the formal decisions,
decision-making processes, and entities of government, but also
the formal and informal decisions, decision-making processes, and
entities of private and public sector agents capable of constitutive
effects on the nature of society as well as the cultural habits and
predispositions of governmentality that support and sustain government
and governance. Information policy as defined in this way provides an
umbrella for analyses of those decisions and practices that enable or
restrict information, communication, and culture ? and, conversely,
the ways in which decisions and practices involving information,
communication, and culture shape society itself.

The Series is intensely interdisciplinary series and invites
manuscripts from scholars in any field with an interest in the making,
implementation, and effects of decision-making about information

For information on the submission of proposals and manuscripts, please
contact the series editors or the publisher.

Sandra Braman, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee braman {AT} uwm.edu
Paul T. Jaeger, University of Maryland pjaeger {AT} umd.edu
Marguerite Avery, MIT Press Acquisitions mavery {AT} mit.edu


55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 ? Publicity 617-253-5643

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