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Paolo Cirio on Fri, 1 Jul 2011 11:04:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Art & Revolution by Credit Cards - Gift Finance & the Ugly Truth about Money - P2P Gift Credit Cards Newsletter

Press Release. London. 30 June 2011.

The P2P Gift Credit Card is a revolutionary art project that involves
counterfeited virtual money and credit cards for an equal, democratic
and universal distribution of money for the common people.

The project has been released on 20th December 2010 and there
are already a thousand of cardholders who joined the community
of Basic Credit Network. Hundreds of plastic cards have been
distributed through public actions and art exhibitions:

It's just a matter of the number of cardholders and soon the money
issued though the program Global Basic Credit will be able to be
spent, replacing the worn out money that usually private banks
monopolize. Don't hesitate, apply now for a P2P Gift Credit Card,
a new economic dawn is coming: http://www.p2pgiftcredit.com If you
already have a card, don't forget to activate it.

Art and Revolution are about creating new social realities through
subverting present languages and mediums. Credit Cards and Finance
Instruments are great, they allow us to create money out of nothing
and distribute it very efficiently by softwares and devices. You are
probably very furious in these days, but please don't damage cash
machines and banks, we may still need them. Don't hate the media,
become the media. Well, we all hate money, it is our worst obsessive
hallucination, however we should take over it before it defeats us.

There is available an informative document which outlines
pivotal issues about the current scarcity of money as a fraud,
the history and present creation of money, credit and interest
origins and degeneracy, undemocratic and unethical consequences of
unregulated financial capitalism and what we should do to fix it:
ce2011.pdf The sources of this document come from an
in depth list of recent critical finance analysis:

Recapitulating P2P Gift Credit Cards:
- It's about creating money democratically through the technology of  
credit cards.
- It's not an alternative currency; it's proper counterfeited virtual  
money (in British sterling).

Why this project:
- We need a new design for money.
- We need to distribute this new money equally.
- We need to control democratically the amount of money and inflation  
inside our communities.

- We need to engage and inform people in this process through a viral  
attractive creation and regulation of our money.

The idea:
The project turns tools of the modern financial systems to fair use.  
Mainly the project exploits in a good way:
- Financial instruments (the Fractional Reserve Banking).
- Credit card infrastructures (the VISA networks).
- Current currencies (the Pound Sterling).
This is all for taking back issuing power from private financial  
industries and restoring it to the commons.

Killer features of the P2P Gift Credit Cards:
- Anyone can issue money by an email account or cell number. Special  
authorizations/devices/skills/power are not needed to issue money,  
which means that it???s a very democratic model.
- The money issued is in a currency that is recognized by most of the  
world. And the credit card numbers are
readable by present machines and platforms.

Potential new features of P2P Gift Credit Cards:
- New MasterCard and American Express editions of the P2P Gift Credit  
- A marketplace platform where the members of Global Basic Credit can  
sell/buy with their card numbers, as to wire money among the accounts.
- Establishment peers limits for regulating the inflation inside the  
nodes of the networks of the communities.
- Endorsement of the P2P architecture for enabling more connectivity  
through the peers.

P2P Gift Credit Cards in the media:
"Sharing becomes the creator of value"
Lib??ration - Credit revolver.

"Basic Credit Network, revolves around an intelligent analysis of the  
banking system and slightly tweaking this to reflect how public  
ownership of the banks could be distributed"
Art Critiqued - The Art of Selling and the Selling of Art.

"If we all get some, we???ll create a lending system outside the  
current, corrupt institutions of credit"
Animal New York - Peer-to-Peer Credit Cards Will Free You.

"It triggers a viral spread of wealth, creating an alternative credit  
that everyone can develop and manage by themselves"
Neural - Popular born credits.

P2P Gift Credit Card project will be part of Abandon Normal Devices  
festival in UK at end of September 2011.
However before of that, I have other gigs coming up at:

Networked, Centro Fundaci??n Telef??nica, Lima - Peru
File Festival, Sao Paulo - Brazil
Genesis Project, Culture Push, residency, Brooklyn - U.S.
Ars Electronica Festival, Origin, Linz - Austria
ISEA 2011 Conference, lecture, Instanbul - Turkey
User friendly society, Galerija Gal??enica, Velika Gorica - Croazia
Rewire Conference, FACT, Liverpool - UK

Thanks for the attention.
Paolo Cirio.

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