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<nettime> New report from WITNESS.org on technology, social media, video
Sameer Padania on Thu, 15 Sep 2011 02:02:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> New report from WITNESS.org on technology, social media, video, and human rights

Hi everyone,

the human rights organisation WITNESS has just released *Cameras Everywhere*, a new report about the relationships between video, technology, social media, privacy and human rights. The report, on which I am lead author and researcher, is is aimed at engineers, product managers, executives, VCs and other investors in the technology/social media sphere, as well as at NGOs, activists, policy-makers and donors/foundations, and is designed in part to bring those working in and funding these very distinct fields a little closer together. It makes specific and concrete recommendations of how to make technology and social media more protective of human rights - I hope you will find both the analysis and the recommendations thought-provoking and practically useful, and we welcome your feedback and responses.  Of course, please feel free to share it with those you think should see it (though please be aware that at the moment it is only available in English.)

The report can be downloaded at the WITNESS website, along with further information about the overall WITNESS Cameras Everywhere initiative at:

There is also an interview with me about the issues covered in the report on the BBC Outriders website at:

If you use, cite or blog about the report, or if you'd like to share your comments and responses with us directly, or if you'd just like further information, please get in touch with WITNESS at cameraseverywhere {AT} witness.org, or via Twitter (http://twitter.com/witnessorg), and please also feel free to contact me too.

Best wishes,
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