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Re: <nettime> Debtors' of The World Unite! The Initiative to form an Int
Matze Schmidt on Fri, 23 Sep 2011 11:15:26 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Debtors' of The World Unite! The Initiative to form an International Debtors' Party.

> Congratulations to the Pirate Party having won an astounding 8.9% in
> the Berlin elections.

> As I wrote two weeks ago, this is their moment of relevance, the
> emergence of Information politics as a mainstream political topic.
> Having 15 Piratenpartei representatives in the local government
> will certainly be of direct material benefit to activists fighting
> against software patents, for network neutrality, online security
> and privacy, etc, and that is a development to be celebrated.

The Pirate Party Germany is just a young liberal party defending
benefits for and of middle class business or creative people in the so
called hypermobile city as some belive Berlin may be one.

This polemic: "Narrenschiff"
www.konkret-verlage.de/kvv/txt.php?text=a3 and this analysis: "(Ein
zu entwickelndes) Oekonomisch politisches FQA* zur Piratenpartei 1.0"
www.n0name.de/news/piratenpartei-fqa1.0.txt (both in German) make this

Their fight against software patents is firstly a fight f o r new
more flexible and freely patens, their fight for such a thing
like network neutrality is a fight for a more flexible data net
based on micropayment biz, their online security and privacy is
one that has to protect small vendors and the "etc" is their basic
believe in the state and pearls like "culture becomes the industry
of the means of production." (by Matthew Fuller in: _Softness:
interrogability; general intellect; art methodologies in software_

Matze Schmidt

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