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<nettime> two jobs at MIT
Jessica Tatlock on Wed, 28 Sep 2011 06:52:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> two jobs at MIT

The Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT seeks to
fill two positions

(1) Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Comparative
Media Studies/Game Studies, MIT

MIT's Program in Comparative Media Studies in the
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science is
seeking a tenure-track assistant professor of game
studies to start in the fall of 2012. Candidates should
have a Ph.D. with a record of significant publication
(or the promise thereof), research activity and/or
design experience relevant to game studies. We seek a
candidate who will connect the work of our GAMBIT and
Education Arcade research labs to the classroom, and
who can direct innovative and multidisciplinary
research. Relevant areas of specialization include the
history, theory, sociology, psychology and criticism of
games and play, and expertise in one or more of the
following areas: game design; game engineering; player,
playing and assessment methodologies; user behaviors
and game economics; data analytics; and visual,
narrative, and audio design. Fluency in a broader array
of humanities-based media studies and experience in
game production will be considered a plus. Applicants
should have teaching experience. Please submit a letter
of application, C.V., three letters of recommendation,
and work samples online by December 1, 2011 at:
https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/1032. Hard
copies of works samples may be sent to Prof. William
Uricchio, Director, Program in Comparative Media
Studies, MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, E15-313,
Cambridge, MA 02139. MIT is an affirmative action,
equal opportunity employer.

(2) Tenured Associate/Full Professor, MIT Comparative
Media Studies MIT's Program in Comparative Media
Studies seeks applications for a tenured Professor
beginning in September 2012. A PhD and an extensive
record of publication, research activity and leadership
are expected. We encourage applicants from a wide
array of disciplinary backgrounds. The successful
candidate will teach and guide research in one or more
of the Program's dimensions of comparativity
(historical, methodological, cultural) across media
forms. Expertise in the cultural and social
implications of established media forms (film,
television, radio, audio and visual cultures, or print)
is as important as scholarship in one or more emerging
areas such as games, social media, media literacies,
digital arts and culture, internet research, network
cultures, software studies, media industries, and
transmedia storytelling. The position involves
teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, developing
and guiding collaborative research activities, and
participating in the intellectual and creative
leadership of the Program and the Institute.
Candidates should demonstrate a record of effective
teaching and thesis supervision, significant
research/creative activity, relevant administrative
experience, and international recognition. CMS offers
SB and SM programs and maintains a full roster of
research initiatives and outreach activities [see
http://cms.mit.edu]. The program embraces the notion of
comparativity and collaboration, and works across MIT's
various schools, and between MIT and the larger media
landscape. Applications consisting of a curriculum
vita, a statement of teaching philosophy and
experience, a statement of current and future research
plans, selected major publications 3 letters of
recommendation should be submitted online by November
1, 2011 at:
https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/1036. Hard
copies of work samples may be sent to: Professor
William Uricchio, Director, Comparative Media Studies,
MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, E15-313, Cambridge, MA
02139 USA. MIT is an affirmative action/equal
opportunity employer.

Many thanks--

Jessica Tatlock
Comparative Media Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
jtatlock {AT} mit.edu

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