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<nettime> FSCONS 2011, Gothenburg, 11.-13. november 2011
Thomas Gramstad on Sat, 8 Oct 2011 10:48:56 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> FSCONS 2011, Gothenburg, 11.-13. november 2011

Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit

FSCONS is the Nordic countries' largest gathering for free culture, 
free software and a free society. The conference is organised yearly 
with 250-300 participants primarily from northern Europe. The main 
organiser is the Society for Free Culture and Software.

The date for the next summit is 11-11-11 in Gothenburg (Friday 
November 11 through Sunday November 13).

FSCONS exists to provide a meeting place where subjects covering 
society, culture and technology can be discussed and brought to life 
in peer discussions, without being confined to each particular subject 
area. It should provide both the physical and virtual space where 
people, organisations and governments, with interest in the three 
subject areas can meet in a participatory and constructive dialogue. 
The unique combination of topics creates a platform where 
cross-pollination between the areas can occur, and where new 
co-operations and thoughts can emerge which allows the participants to 
find new inspiration even from areas outside of their own.

Keynotes 2011: Christina Haralanova and Richard Stallman

Christina Haralanova is a feminist, a Free Software hacktivist and an 
IT trainer. Since fall 2010, Christina does a PhD in Communication 
Studies in Concordia University, under the supervision of Leslie 
Regan-Shade. As a free software hacktivist, Christina has participated 
actively in the creation of the Free Software Association  Bulgaria 
(FSA-BG), and is a member of FACIL  pour lappropriation collective de 
linformatique libre (since 2006) and Koumbit (since 2006) in Montreal, 
Canada. Christina was the Project Leader of the Legal Case Management 
Software (LCM) (2004-2005), an LPI proctor (2003  2005), a SPIP-bg 

Richard Stallman
Richard Matthew Stallman is a software developer and software freedom 
activist. In 1983 he announced the project to develop the GNU 
operating system, a Unix-like operating system meant to be entirely 
free software, and has been the projects leader ever since. With that 
announcement Stallman also launched the Free Software Movement. In 
October 1985 he started the Free Software Foundation. 

Other speakers

FSCONS Schedule:


About FFKP

Föreningen fri kultur & programvara (FFKP) is a non-profit 
organisation based in Gothenburg. Since 2005 we've worked in support 
of a modern democratic society through multi-stakeholder open 
discussions around current issues in culture, technology and society. 
The society works as a hub for operations in Sweden and the Nordic 
countries. We work across borders, both geographically and 
organizationally, in order to support the discussion between different 
organisations and people. The society is supported in its projects by, 
among others, the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Google, 
Nokia, University of Gothenburg and the Swedish Post and 
Telecommunications Board. 

Our vision is a modern, open democratic society where policies and 
decisions are made on the basis of the knowledge and opinions from 
multiple stakeholders. We believe that our future society must be 
built with the consideration of multiple stakeholders, and that 
suppressing, ignoring, or otherwise preventing or discouraging 
opinions of some stakeholders is not consistent with a democratic 

FSCONS Manifesto:

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