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Re: <nettime> Franco Berardi & Geert Lovink: A call to the Army of Love
Newmedia on Sun, 16 Oct 2011 15:46:07 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Franco Berardi & Geert Lovink: A call to the Army of Love and t...

> Order and energy availability go hand-in-hand.  Even the
> persistence of information/knowledge into the future is directly
> dependent on energy (re)sources to maintain it.

Indeed, thermodynamics is an important "theory" but, as many have noticed, life-in-general seems to defeat the "2nd Law" everyday.
HUMANS, who are clearly different from other living things, further confound thermodynamics -- which means that however "stupid" we might be, we are still the only beings "smart" enough to come up with something as useful as the 2nd Law.
> Projections anyone?
Let me refer you to the LONGNOW foundation and its affiliate, LONGBETS.
Danny Hillis, co-founder of both, is responsible for PREDICTION #605 --
"By December 31, 2020, synthetic solar energy (fusion) will have been shown to be a technically feasible, by an experiment demonstrating a controlled fusion reaction producing more harnessable energy than was used to ignite it."
Until then, fossil fuels (i.e. stored solar energy) will just have to do . . .
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY
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