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Re: <nettime> Franco Berardi & Geert Lovink: A call to the Army of Love
martin hardie on Tue, 18 Oct 2011 07:17:59 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Franco Berardi & Geert Lovink: A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Software

I too found the text timely and frankly wonderful - thanks as always to Bifo
and Geert


has anyone got a samizdat english version of
"Come Si Cura il Nazi" (How to Take Care of the Nazi)


ps selfless self promotion - and how to cure sports fans


this guy dorsey has an interesting blog on middle east soccer and the arab


On 18 October 2011 00:23, Snafu <snafu {AT} thething.it> wrote:

> It seems to me that there is a double of FINAZISM that goes
> unaccounted for in this otherwise provocative text. And this is the
> risk society or ordinary people's desire for accruing wealth by
> taking chances on the stock market. While it is undeniable that there
> is an undemocratic, dictatorial element in financial capital (as
> 401Ks, mutual funds, and public finances are injected into the stock
> market without taxpayers and workers' consensus) there exists also a
> diffused, molecular desire for financial rent that fuels the system.

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