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<nettime> to the army of "love"
Moritz Geremus on Tue, 18 Oct 2011 22:54:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> to the army of "love"

Dear Nettimers,
with fascination I'm following the request and general agreement with
the "army of love" heroines.
Let me just analyze the first statement here:

"The yet to be seen effect of the financial  
crisis will be violence, as people conjure up scapegoats in order to  
vent their rage. Ethnic cleansing, civil war, obliteration of  
democracy. This is a system we call financial Nazism: FINAZISM."

I can't think of a better self-description through the urge of
classifying an enemy.
First: The simplification of branding an enemy based solely on material
wealth, is something I thought left over for populist right wing-parties
(as in "artists swallow up all our tax-money for left hobbies"), and
secondly, the radical Marxist materialism of submitting to money
obsessively while describing the "greed" of the one's who comparatively
have more than themselves as the opposite position of their own. This is
the worst financial enslavement I've ever heard (I'd repeat your term if
I wouldn't simply refuse to call everything 'evil' nazi).

The philosophy among liberals and the so-called robin hoods is the same,
greedy, and consumerist self-possessed hedonistic virtue of not caring
about others but letting the money doing it for them. I searched a long
time to seek a better will in one of the two, but now I'm DONE.

And all that, what the materially richest kingdom of all human ages
describes as the downfall to impoverishment, shall go down as a deserved
lesson - as a lesson that neither the purely-based-on-profit entities of
the free nor the get-born-and-financially-state-enslaved members of the
social market could buy a good society, not with all the money and all
the most improved goods in the world. Those who describe the death of
culture, the death of education and the death of art with the absence of
tax money for it are themselves the biggest scapegoater's that no
economist or philosopher of the last 200 years could have analyzed more
accurately as victims of a golden cage:
the materialist mob of the western world, that being the slightly less
wealthier in the (almost) wealthiest part of the world scapegoats their
inability to lead a society to a good goal by just redefining the same
clichee'd enemy.

"for the simple reason that our enemies are not human  
beings. They are machines. Yes, human beings â corporate managers,  
stock owners, traders â are cashing the money that we are losing, and  
prey upon resources that workers produce. Politicians sign laws that  
deliver the lives of millions of people to the Almighty God of the  

This is by far the most flat and fascist-symbolism resembling paragraph
in the whole mail. I am anxiously caring about the future of humanity
when I read stuff like that. How can a society ever become a just one
when it consists out of castes, being so immensely obsessed to demonize
an abstract group that it proclaims to have leadership, and continuously
worship their own lack of power and victim-position like a mantra by
re-framing their drowning in decadence as a heroic fight between life
and death towards "revolution". And all this being underlined by the
virtue of love is the final comical aspect of this cynical tragedy.

And NO, I don't disagree that another part of the population than the
one's who where the main responsible ones has to take the toll for the
financial crisis.
And NO, I don't disagree neither that most politicians in governments to
my knowledge are corrupted opportunists.
And YES, I am angry too.

But the lesson we could learn is, that with all the globalism, with all
the networks in the world and with all the systematic regulation that
every human has to go through in today's life, the absence of value's
and transformation towards paragraphs and numbers, as well as the laid
back attitude to leave a societies basic ethic functions to institutions
(or corporations) linked to individuals only via paper (or in most case
even 100x more abstract), leads to it's ultimate downfall. 

I want a human society where people understand and respect each other,
through recognizing themselves in their diversity - not an egalitarian
mass-idiot state where everything is being served from day one.
Macdonalds and Facebook have become cynically the probably most
successful realization of every Marxist dream in that sense - never
before in mankind's history where so many people so equally represented
and egalitarian in their powers and means in the same place.
Greetings from the roman Empire,
Moritz Geremus

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