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Re: <nettime> James Ball: The bankers' blockade of WikiLeaks must end(Gu
John Young on Wed, 26 Oct 2011 09:27:20 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> James Ball: The bankers' blockade of WikiLeaks must end(Guardian)

Despite the money machine Wikileaks has become for the thousands
exploiting its product and notoriety, it deserves maximum support in
ways that help avoid dependency upon rigged markets and leveraged

In comparison to the braggardy and IP theft of secrecy-protected 
1% MSM, governments and corporations hiding behind branded
Representative Democracy, WL -- and its kind -- are genuinely 
supportive of direct democracy. 

Individual support for these initiatives is crucial to avoid the trap
of 1% funding which has enlisted millions with sinecure 
indulgences from gov, mil and edu -- not least those of the
hypnotic debt-swap easy loan of the Internet which allows
siphoning personal information without limit, TOR one of many
indulgences. Hopefully WL will not be revealed to be one of
those goodwill industries.

The disclosed legal expenses for Assange which appear to 
soon outweigh WL operating costs do not augur well for the 
initiative remaining unfettered democratic. No explanation of
why the legal costs are not donated -- unless they are being
used to launder money in the same old practice of claiming
"expenses" used by the 1%.

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