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<nettime> no more bubble gum?
allan siegel on Fri, 28 Oct 2011 23:12:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> no more bubble gum?

Mike Davis' excitement is warranted but his argument strays wide of the mark and is finally contradictory. Which Occupy the World Movement is he referring to? And, whose "anger remains on Gandhian low heat." If movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Rome etc... are part of this OWM they have never quite seemed to be on 'low heat' - far from it. While there may be a certain form of universality that crosses borders, electronically and otherwise, and fuels outrage there are quite different, and important characteristics that distinguish one movement from another. To conflate them seems to mimic the rhetoric and reductionism of MSM.

Further, as Davis states, to:

"(i.e. reclaim the Commons). The veteran Bronx activist-historian
Mark Naison has proposed a bold plan for converting the derelict
and abandoned spaces of New York into survival resources (gardens,
campsites, playgrounds) for the unsheltered and unemployed."

Yes, this is precisely the kind of micro strategy that repositions people's lives at the most fundamental level (Naison's strategy is in fact working in various cities throughout the world).

but then Davis goes on to say that, "The great issue is not raising taxes on the rich or achieving a better regulation of banks.
It?s economic democracy: the right of ordinary people to make
macro-decisions about social investment, interest rates, capital
flows, job creation, and global warming. If the debate isn?t about
economic power, it?s irrelevant."

If you don't understand 'economic power' pack your bags because this movement is not for you - what simplistic rubbish; we're used to one dimensional slogans and platitudes coming from 'ruling elites' - along with their self-perpetuating solutions to major social problems (which are not just financial) - so, when a progressive/leftist starts reducing things to 'great issues' there is a serious problem of analysis and vision.

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