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Simona Lodi on Sun, 30 Oct 2011 17:26:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Call for Proposal | Share Festival| Cops 6 Robbers

Dear Nettimers,

(sorry for any cross-posting)

The Share Festival is dedicating Saturday, 5th November to tactical media, to explore the fusion of art, media, politics and cultural activism and look at new forms of social protest and their media dimension.

The day is an encounter open to all people who wish to voice their own contribution in a climate of free, open debate, as well as a chance to demonstrate that culture does not close, but opens doors to people, to the community, to the population, creating an opportunity for participation and discussion. A community response through its presence, to ask what sort of sustainability is possible? How do we live? What is the real world like for people? To ask, whose side are you on? Are you a cop or a robber?

It will also be an occasion to retrace the history of media activism. First emerging in artist and activist circles in the 1990s, tactical media has since become a fully-fledged movement that targets anyone who tries to produce communication tools to support a political mission. It is a form of media activism that realizes that the distinction between street protests and media broadcastingâbetween the reality of the streets and its representation by the mediaâis not longer sustainable.

A day for analysing how new forms of protest are being influenced by multimedia images and messages distributed by the Internet, mobile phones, social media, Internet video platforms and, naturally, traditional media such as the press, radio and televisionâfrom the "Twitter revolution" of the "Arab Spring" to the protests of Europe's "indignados", across the saga of Wikileaks.

Saturday, 5th November
3.00 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
Open Meeting - Art, Activism, New Media


Dmytri Kleiner, one of the founders of Telekommunisten, a collective involved in artistic projects that explore the way that communication technologies come with social relations embedded within them.

Annette Wolfsberger, born in Austria, she worked in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom for the ten years for various different art festivals, before moving to Amsterdam to become production manager for Sonic Acts . She will speak about the difficult cultural situation in the Netherlands and the "Dutch Culture Under Attack" campaign.

Giovanni Ziccardi, who will present a national preview of the Observatory on Human Rights and Electronic Resistance in the Digital Era, a project by the University of Milan.

Franca Formenti, who will present Wikifood, a social network that focuses on certain protagonists of our contemporary society: the tongue and the mouth. An invitation to reflect upon the concept of privacy through culinary and ludic means.

Closing the day at 9.00 pm will be a Hacking Resistance Partyâ to celebrate and commemorate, on Guy Fawkes Day no less, all the hackers throughout the four corners of earth, out there fighting censorship, state firewalls, global surveillance, big brother, restrictions on artistic freedom, repression and violence.

Submit your proposal here info {AT} toshare.it




Simona Lodi
art director
Cops&  Robbers | Share Festival 7th ed.
art in digital culture
2/13 November 2011
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Torino - IT
SMIR Sant'Evasio
Multimedia Center
European Project Alcotra
Mondovi - Embrun
The Sharing
Via Rossini 3 - 10124 Torino (IT)
phone: 0039.011.588.36.93
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