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fran ilich on Mon, 2 Jan 2012 17:02:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> [nano-macro-economy 1] offer on virtual real estate mortgage-backed securities.

Dear Spacebank Customer,

How are you? We hope you are celebrating yet another year of NAFTA and the anniversary of the rising of the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

I am writing, as you might be interested in buying titles of the Virtual Real Estate Mortgage Backed Securities, a loan which was used to build Casa Dandelion, the safehouse in 2L of the cooperative media conglomerate Diego de la Vega. The cost per title is 1 Digital Material Sunflower. So take the opportunity to start the year with your left foot by supporting the construction of the Partido Cyberpunk, aan international conspiracy that researches technologies that are creative, disruptive, emancipatory and hybrid, and which might function to build communities, spaces, networks of utopic life that can lead towards another possible world. But which in game reality will be a campaign of Cyberpunk 2020, even if it will have material results in the nano-macro-economy of the DMS. Who says games can't be real? Even if they are really virtual, nothing stops them from being material: its the network economy, stupid!

>From now on, Diego de la Vega will be an avatar in cyberspace, a cooperative media conglomerate like those in cyberpunk novels, and an entity where many social relations intersect: an economic function in itself, which will now be temporarily connecting the economies of the Digital Material Sunflower with the Linden Dollar. This in part because we have observed that such digital currency is relatively stable and basically convertible, but also to experiment with a next phase towards the construction of a net.island. That is, if in the cities there is an emergence at impressive speeds, of zones and experiences which can only be accesed thru augmented reality and internet, and every day that passes by, clothes are becoming integrated to technology, so we believe it might be an important exercise to research a virtual world like Second Life, but only as a complementary activity. We outsource our thirdlife to be able to create network connections that make an impact in material r
 eality, so we could only try Second Life to see if it makes sense to think of the existence of a virtual reality net.island. And in the worst case scenario, if we find virtuality can work for us, but not 2L, we can always move to Opensimulatorwith the plus of new found experience of 2L. If the knight novels of Amadis de Gaula helped 'materialize' a ficticious (but very real) state like California (and also helped to inspire Cervantes to write his famous 400 year old novel), where Diego de la Vega fought colonizers within fiction, and today the economy of Hollywood is nurtured with the labor of migrant human workers without political rights which make possible material and virtual realities. We would have to find out if SL can help us materialize an island, a little utopia that within fiction can get us closer to our goals. And if everything works out, next june in Ecuador, Diego de la Vega will become a legal body, linking the Digital Material Sunflower with the Sucre Digita
 l, which is the digital currency of theALBA countries: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela. Maybe from our little corner of the Internet we can, in fact, collaborate, change the material reality by generating creative flows from experimental economics and finances, hacktivism, and narrative media. Happy new year! 

Fran Ilich.

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