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<nettime> bloodletting 2 + erotic therapy
brian carroll on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 09:23:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> bloodletting 2 + erotic therapy

 Hello. I have uploaded several new texts to a temporary FTP site
 accessible for a few days via web browser at the following URL:

  ==>  ftp.blackflag.synology.me

  username:	public
  password: 	public

 --- The Bloodletting - part 2 ---

* 	The second in a three part series (1st volume) personal history,
	spanning the years of highschool and entering into university

--- Erotic Therapy Intro + Urls ---

* 	A consideration of the merits of pornography as a therapeutic
	tool for those dealing with sexual dysfunction & sexual abuse
 	as a way to understand if not rewire basic sexual dynamics

	note: the idea of erotic therapy is much larger than porno
	yet the filename was used here to contextualize it in the
	larger framework of erotic truth and issues of exchange.
	erotic therapy unlike pornos would involve relationships
 	between people, interactions beyond projection, yet that
	is not dealt with here in an attempt to broach the subject.

  warning: this content may be disturbing, read at your own risk.

  One notebook of a handwritten history still awaits transcription.

  Brian Carroll

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