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<nettime> bloodletting 3 + appendix imagery
brian carroll on Tue, 24 Apr 2012 09:04:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> bloodletting 3 + appendix imagery

 Hello. I have uploaded several new files to a temporary FTP site
 accessible for a few days via web browser at the following URL:

  ==>  ftp.blackflag.synology.me

  username:	public
  password: 	public

 --- The Bloodletting - part 3 ---

* 	The last in a three part series (1st volume) personal history
	spanning architectural school to electroconvulsive therapy

--- Appendix Imagery - part 3 ---

* 	A few related images, almost all other documentation lost

Note: please see Public Service Announcement (PSA) regarding
the Patak's products mentioned in E.T. & Truth 2. shipments at the
local grocer appeared tampered with, thus take care if purchasing

  warning: this content may be disturbing, read at your own risk

  I was hoping to move before starting to write Volume 2, because
still living in extremely hostile situation in deteriorated condition.
  Volume 2 will chart moving to california, 9/11, and back into MN
  present-day. Volume 3 is of the future, not to be written near-term.

  Brian Carroll

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