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<nettime> Gernot Untergruber is stealing your content from Facebook.
bernhard bauch on Sun, 15 Jul 2012 15:58:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Gernot Untergruber is stealing your content from Facebook.

I am pleased to introduce you to Gernot Untergruber -


a translucent facebook mashup.

Gernot Untergruber is an art project which aims to explore and blur the boundaries between single-person-organic, collective and virtual personalities. Gernot is a translucent social being who interacts with subjects through their modern digital lifestyles. He is half human (organic), half synthetic (silicon based).

The website gernotuntergruber.com tells you stories about what is happening in the life of Gernot. He is constantly learning, developing and changing. He is defined by his thoughts, his environment, his activities and his dreams. As Gernot is an active citizen on Facebook, all his friends and their activities represent his environment. You could also be a part of Gernot. His dreams are automatically generated texts derived from information Gernot has access to: his own thoughts and activities, and the information his friends on Facebook share with him. All this gibberish is published on his website.

Read more about Gernot Untergruber:

A full description is available here:

Connect to Gernot Untergruber on Facebook (login first):

In the beginning of July 2012, Gernot had a burst of growth.
>From that time he began to dream in images and started to make sound. Each visitor coming to Gernot's website can trigger and control the different sounds he makes. This auditive insight makes gernotuntergruber.com a multi-user instrument, that can be played by people around the globe at the same time.

The auditive insight will first presented on Tuesday, 17th of July - 10.30pm MEZ
To join, visit http://gernotuntergruber.com


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