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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer.
Newmedia on Mon, 16 Jul 2012 03:15:11 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer.

> This is exactly the kind of sleazy, power-worshipping bullshit 
> (h/t the late Hunter S. Thompson) that plays well at the Aspen 
> Institute, a hangout of Li and other pet philosphers of global 
> capitalism.
No doubt.  However, there are TWO glaring problems with your analysis  --
1) "Democracy" is the scheme that is responsible for global  capitalism.  
All of the issues that you (and so many others raise) about  the world today 
are overwhelmingly the direct result of "democracy."
2) "Democracy" is also the primary ideological weapon that is used  
*against* those who stand outside the power structures of global  capitalism.  It 
was at the heart of the 1950s/60s COLD WAR against the  Soviets and it is, 
once again, at the heart of today's COLD WAR against  China.
When you pick up the cudgels of "democracy" against China (or Russia), you  
are inevitably joining U.S. State Department, the Council on Foreign 
Relations  and the Trilateral Commission.  You are putting yourself in league with 
 those you appear to oppose.
Quite a dilemma!
The more subtle issue, of course, is how "democracy" is actually run.   
Under conditions of multi-party elections and mass-media propaganda shaping  
"public opinion," you might well claim that this is in fact not  "democracy."  
You would be right but then the rest of your argument would  lack any basis.
Otherwise, you might want to take it easy on your "Confucius says . .  ."  
In his days, BULLSHIT had a much more practical application than  jousting 
on mailing lists. <g>
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY

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