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Re: <nettime> Naomi Wolf: This global financial fraud and its gatekeeper
Heiko Recktenwald on Thu, 19 Jul 2012 20:07:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Naomi Wolf: This global financial fraud and its gatekeepers (Gu...

Shure, but psychology plays a role in those wars as well. The
psychologty of terror. Of permanent war without end. Interests and
drones everywhere. See also the psychology of the renaming of the Westbank

Syria is a very good example as well. Are there freedom lovers against a
bloody dictator or is it just A against B with B being the perfectly
legal gouvernement? The role of Mrs. Clinton, the role of talking and
not talking with the other side. The blame game. To win hearts and minds
at home.

Wars are allways fought for political reasons and politics and
psychology go very close together.

For what reason do the usual streefighters -- fresh from Iraq and
Afghanistan from the beginning -- fight in Damaskus now? Ownership of
the capital or to touch it has a psychological advantage.


Am 19.07.2012 03:11, schrieb Keith Sanborn:

> Sorry, guns are in very high fashion. Go to Syria, Afghanistan, Waziristan… this war as solely the war on desire is one of the root misapprehensions of high capitalism, perhaps a product of that very propaganda. Not that it doesn't supplement the wars fought with guns. But Industry didn't disappear, it just moved to East and South Asia, where working conditions are militarized on a scale the 19th century steel magnates of PGH cd only have dreamed of. The fields of battle have moved back to "former" colonies: Africa and South Asia and are coming soon to a demonstration near you. Do you ever listen to the daily news from Africa?
> You are living on Fantasy Island, boss. And apparently you did not witness OWwherever police tactics (physical high and low tech ones as well as information technology based ones) first hand.

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