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brian carroll on Mon, 23 Jul 2012 17:08:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> psychohistory

 hello. i have completed a personal history project to the present-day,
 volume 1, The Bloodletting and volume 2, The Arc of Reality. a final
 volume may be written at a later point, entitled the Future. metadata
 information below outlines general themes. a warning about content,
the texts are likely only for adults or mature readers. this is not fiction.

 if you want to access or download the files, please visit:

  ==>  ftp.blackflag.synology.me

  username:	public
  password: 	public

 in the folder 'autobiography' there are three subfolders:

 [PDFs ]  --  individual text files for Volumes 1 and 2

 [appendices]  --  supplementary media content

 [zipped archives]  --  autobiography+appendix.zip

 please do not directly link to the FTP site its only temporary.
 the files have been placed on Scribd and can be read online
 or downloaded there, though a format translation takes place
 so if possible download the original PDFs from the above link.

 thanks for considering the ideas, whatever they may be. bc

 == Volume 1 ==

# The Bloodletting - part 1.pdf	 115p

~ childhood through gradeschool and junior-high. (minneapolis, minnesota)

[keywords: Catholic church, sleepwalking, military, the occult, Vietnam war, altar boy, mirror, nightmares, sexual abuse, childhood incontinence, scapegoat, drugs, soccer, building bridges, the crow, drowning, murder, politics, electroconvulsive therapy, ECT, psychiatry, CIA, quadrophenia, piano, oedipus complex, Venus, witches, UFO, Disney World, homosexuality, AIDs, pornography, Federal Reserve Bank, shredded money, Aspergers, death wish]

tags: drugs, military, abuse, murder, psychiatry, Disney, catholic, oedipus, Vietnam, piano, occult, UFO, pornography, witches, soccer, homosexuality, ECT, death wish, quadrophenia

# The Bloodletting - part 2.pdf	 103p

~ highschool to architecture school (minneapolis, minnesota)

[keywords: hogwarts, student council, education system, language, bullying, homosexuality, mirroring, Vietnam war, drug culture, counterculture, suburbs, politics, suicide, depression, fractured skull, political neurology, AA, death wish, sexy witch, university, architectural education, dogma, the occult, lipstick lesbian, intelligence, psychiatric pills, psychiatry, tree of death, acid test, bicycle therapy, Aspergers]

tags: drugs, language, intelligence, bullying, dogma, counterculture, suburbs, tree of death, brain injury, the occult, acid test, architecture school, sexy witch

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V1appendix

# The Bloodletting - part 3.pdf	 95p

~ architecture school to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

[keywords: university, architecture, social engineering, hermeneutics, ideology, irish-german, nazi, protestants, Vietnam war, disneyfication, facades, censorship, celebrity architects, psychiatric pills, Plato, HIOX, paradoxical logic, empirical reason, failure, dropout, artwork, boulder walls, independent research, vote perot, mirroring, conspiracy, toad, lady of the lake, character assassination, grand tour, amsterdam, paris, venice, suicide, locked psychiatric ward, secular cathedral, electroconvulsive therapy, capitalism and schizophrenia, architecture of electricity, united nations, aesthetics of deconstruction, crystallization, thinker as madman, architects, aspergers, online socialization]

tags: Europe, failure, conspiracy, hermeneutics, ECT, facades, crystallization, social engineering, independent research, character assassination, empirical reason, boulder walls, architecture of electricity

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V1appendix

 == Volume 2 ==

# the Arc of Reality - part 1.pdf	 98p

~ post-ECT to multimedia school. (minneapolis to northern california)

[keywords: San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, multimedia school, multimedia gulch, Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, counterculture, SDS, student radicals, artist, art, metaphysics, internet as education, independent research, social security disability, schizophrenia, death wish, Vietnam war, technology, mock military invasion, roaches, prostitutes, drugs, pornography, psychiatry, psychiatric pills, criminal dentistry, architecture thesis, multimedia goldrush, graduation, the gorgon, sensual friendship, surrogate mother, food and cooking, deep culture, lost culture, ancient culture, Old and New Testament, love, conversation, social relations, mirroring, marionette puppets, Irish the blacks of Europe, acting, movie making, movie sets, paranormal, the occult, philosophy]

tags: philosophy, internet, military, metaphysics, psychiatry, counterculture, radicals, San Francisco, surrogate mother, ancient culture, architecture thesis, goldrush, movie making, the paranormal

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix1

# the Arc of Reality - part 2.pdf	 101p

~ from California to Montreal & back

[keywords: Alameda island, AE thesis, architecture of electricity, architexturez: hacking & cracking the architectural code, Y2K, Seeing Cyberspace, electrical infrastructure is architecture, US energy policy, Enron, hacking, cyberwar, black bag job, bullying, mirroring, Automated Madness, autobiography, terrors of electromagnetic research, presidential election, government coup, oil, electromagnetic fields, EMF, cancer, stakeout, FBI, truth, culture, economic social political, literacy, awareness, assassination, premonition, online lightning strike, asylum, intelligence, citizen without a state, human being, disability rights, death wish, music, tuning systems, health, eroticism, toxic environment, chemical sensitivity, electrosensitivity, civil war, US consulate, culture war, existential security threat, psychiatric pills, survivor, money, international, spies, surveillance, countersurveillance, CIA circus, surrealism, architects, electronetwork, electromagnetism and culture, technology, future society, terrorism, 9-11]

tags: bullying, literacy, lightning, surrealism, spies, Y2K, civil war, human being, energy policy, premonition, seeing cyberspace, government coup, electromagnetism and culture

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix2

# the Arc of Reality - part 3.pdf	 151p

~ from California to Minneapolis, Minnesota

[keywords: electromagnetic education initiative, threats, surveillance, assassination, wellstone, electronetwork, electromagnetic literacy, intelligence, cultural illiteracy, bad touch, homeless shelter, piano, short-circuiting, abuse, doubles, schizophrenia, psychiatry, detox, aspergers, new diagnosis, New York City, architects, competition, 9-11, World Trade Center, memorial park, master planning, artwork, exhibit, electromagnetic assemblage, socialization, poison, visions, collapse, illuminated bible, UFOs, aliens, design-l, architecture, terrorism, long-distance friendship, electromagnetic research, family, scapegoat, oedipal, homosexuality, erotics, oppression, tyranny, dictatorship, CIA, actors, slavery, security state, policy, TAZ, governance, love, goddess, human being, runaway, new apartment, blackflag operations, bullying, evidence]

tags: love, intelligence, abuse, surveillance, homeless, assassination, detox, doubles, art exhibit, human being, scapegoat, aspergers diagnosis, electromagnetic literacy, WTC memorial park

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix3

# the Arc of Reality - part 4.pdf  133p

~ Minneapolis, Minnesota - Workers Paradise

[keywords: aesthetics, beauty, development, politics, dreamcenter, witches, sorcery, abuse, schizophrenia, aspergers, occult, aliens, secret societies, POW, architecture, Gateway Park, good & evil, doubling, goddesses, erotics, avatars, movie, acting, 9-11, Cold War, angels & demons, inversion, music, healing, erotic therapy, attack, violence, flood, Catholicism, religion, autism, logic, tuning, empirical accounting, blackflag, natural magic, electromagnetism, the aether, mother, service animal, piano, narcissism, mirroring, intelligence, silence, destruction, bicycles, conspiracy, blacklisting, health & disease, kink, zoo animals, solar anus, deer, 35W bridge collapse, dictatorship, masquerade, electronetwork, t-rex, money, homemaking, parallelism, God, friendship, nature, work, the mystery, divine law, The Irish, civil war, human, civilization, homosexuality, surveillance, workers paradise, voyeurism, oppression, cull, imprisonment]

tags: love, music, architecture, violence, aliens, conspiracy, tuning, sorcery, silence, blacklisting, deer, POW, inversion, erotics, doubling, natural magic, dreamcenter, human zoo

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix4

# the Arc of Reality - part 5.pdf	 109p

~ Minneapolis, Minnesota - Workers Paradise

[keywords: health, stroke, runaway, harassment, bullying, conspiracy, landlord, bicycles, pedophilia, marionette, schizophrenia, masturbation, architecture, ballooning, juggling, physical therapy, behavior therapist, setup, sewing, CDCS, doubles, parents, black programs, military, demons & angels, surveillance, POW, prison, Manchurian Candidate, chemical warfare, honeypot, blackbag operations, language, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, tyranny, numberline, mathematics, mirroring, multiverse, interdimensional, continuum, singularity, metaphysics, grounding, secret police, bounce, jester costume, nervous system, aspergers, human rights, witches, sinkhole, homosexuality, asymmetry, erotic therapy, materialism, holocaust, rogue bureaucracy, public health, corruption, intelligence, magic, rose cross, mother goddess, tuning, little girl, alienation, politics, ideology, the state, chess, tax evasion, eyesight, balance, cri de coeur]

tags: prison, chess, stroke, tuning, surveillance, mirroring, bicycles, masturbation, bounce, mother goddess, secret police, childhood abuse, bully network, rogue bureaucrat, numberline

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix5

# the Arc of Reality - part 6.pdf	 132p

~ Minneapolis, Minnesota - Workers Paradise

[keywords: rogue bureaucracy, conspiracy, eviction, landlord, POW, noise assault, chemical attack, harassment, gossip, bully network, IRS, Social Security, chess, institutional fraud, Presidency, coup, sexual abuse, pedophilia, doubles, avatars, art grant, health, immune system collapse, juggling, ballooning, setup, bankruptcy, checkmate, tyranny, aliens, clones, mimicry, homosexual, transvestite, aesthetics, balloon elephant, politics, autistic freeloader, Federal Reserve Bank, currency, house of cards, oracle, metaphysics, witches, sorcery, incontinence, psychology, narcissism, the state, EMP, surveillance, NAS, back orifice, NSA, weaponry, music therapy, music surgery, mental illness, disability, brain scans, genetics, power, aspergers, schizophrenia, political diagnosis, God, impostors, assassination, goddess, mother, love, mirror, spies, sleeper agents, children, honeypot, corruption, prison, pornography, homoerotics, nightmare, liquid surreality, crystal ball, Asperger Management System, AMS, architecture, computing, governance, health, sickness, timing, watches, CIA, cyber-sabotage, civil war, black flag, separation, isolation, AT&T, tuning, work, silence, Southpark, ecosystems, circuitry, new world order, clown, jester]

tags: love, currency, time, metaphysics, aliens, conspiracy, transformation, mirroring, ecology, coup, governance, spies, civil war, circuitry, balloon elephant, asperger management system

Appendix imagery: http://photobucket.com/V2appendix6

^ audio files only available at ftp.blackflag.synology.me


backup versions, unknown online formatting translation




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