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<nettime> Peter Marcuse: We Are the 99%" - The Slogan and the Reality
Patrice Riemens on Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:14:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Peter Marcuse: We Are the 99%" - The Slogan and the Reality

bwo INURA ml / author

A new piece on the Occupy Wall Street and right to the city movements
that may be of interest:

"We Are the 99%" - The Slogan and the Reality¬¬

A new blog #17, dealing with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the
Right to the City Alliances, as representative of the 99%, who is in
them and who in the 1%, why historically they have arisen now, how they
have changed since their beginnings, and what their future demands and
strategic possibilities and dangers might be.

The essential points are that the theoretical 99% are much less than 50%
in practice, that transformative systemic change is not on the agenda
today, that that realization has become acknowledged, particularly since
the defeat of 1968, that the Occupy and RTTC movements are recognizing
that fact and moving to individual transformative changes, with dangers
and, given good outreach, real potentials for new transformative

Blog #17, at pmarcuse.wordpress.com, is structured as follows::

I."We Are the 99%" - The Slogan and the Reality(also blog 12)

A.Structure of the Argument.

B.Table of Contents

C. The value of the 99%/1% formulation.

II.Who are the 99%? The Exploited, the Discontented, the Oppressed.
(also blog 13)

A.The directly exploited, (labor +).

B.The discontented (Occupy +).

C.The commonality of the 99%

II.Who is the 1%(also blog 14)

A. How is the 1% defined?

B. The Tea Party and the 1%

IV. The Right to the City and Occupy: History and Evolution. (also blog 15)

A.History: Rise, Defeat, and New Life of the Resistance Movements

B.The Death and Life of the Right to the City Movement

1.Right to the City One: The ideological concept.

2.Right to the City Two: the liberal version

3.Right to the City Three: Alliance on Individual Issues.

4.The Future: The Dangers Ahead

V.The Four Faces of the Occupy Movement

1.Occupy One: Class Targeted Discourse.

2.Occupy Two: Physically Taking Over Spaces.

3.Occupy Three: An Umbrella Function.

4.Occupy Four: Occupy as Process.

5.The future: The Dangers Ahead

VI.The Future: Strategic Implications (also blog 16)


B.Concrete Individual Demands, but Aimed at the Whole.

C.Unity: The Right to Occupy the City.

D.Transformative education, ideology: culture.

E.Ideology and Values

F.Patience for the Long Haul

G.Transformative Strategies

SMALLER BLOGS (but is therefore substantially longer -- 48 pages).

They are all at pmarcuse.wordpress.com

Comments very welcome.

Peter Marcuse

Peter Marcuse
Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Columbia University
New York, N.Y. 10027
212 -- 854 3322

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