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Re: <nettime> crowd-funding on nettime
Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 27 Aug 2012 14:18:08 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> crowd-funding on nettime


thanks for raising the question. my two euro-cents worth:

i think that the nettime list should not be used for crowd-funding
requests. this should continue to be a place of debate and
intellectual exchange, not another extension of the market of the
so-called social networks. nettime is so valuable still today because
it is not just another facebook group, because it has not 4.000
"friends", but subscribers.

years ago the "nettime-announcements" channel was created to deal
with calls and announcements that were clogging the list and stifling
discussions. i feel that that would also be a good channel for
crowd-funding requests, if, that is: if!, someone or a group of people
comes forward, crowd-funding enthusiasts, committed net(time)workers,
whoever, who will do the necessary editing for such announcements and
requests to be edited, digested and pushed onto the main list no more
than once a month.


Am 27.08.12 13:21, schrieb nettime's_mod_squad:
Or, one could argue the
opposite: that nettime has always resisted attempts (feeble as they
were) to monetize its network; that it has always sustained an economy
of non-monetary generosity; and that it should resist this attempt to
monetize the social as well.

ps: and thanks, mod's, for all the work that you put in - it's much appreciated!

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