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<nettime> Hurricane Sandy and Human Encroachment on the Waterfront as a
Tjebbe van Tijen on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 12:57:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Hurricane Sandy and Human Encroachment on the Waterfront as a real estate crime

News Tableau posted today on my Flickr page


Hurricane Sandy and Human Encroachment on the Waterfront as a real estate crime

HURRICANE SANDY AND HUMAN ENCROACHMENT on the water front of rivers and oceans... The text below (*) is from a real estate agency selling off the last meters of a what was once a stretch of beach and dunes, centuries ago a place for hunters and whalers. Multi million dollar mansions are now crowding within the direct reach of what is a vast ocean with powers beyond any property deal and counter measures with heaping up a bit of sand with a few bulldozers.

The richer class urge for closeness to beach and sea, swallowing up most of the beach in the process, should be critically viewed when there is moaning about human suffering and damage because of a hurricane.

The picture explains the actual urbanised ocean front situation.

"There is no shortage of reasons for why Long Beach Island is one of the most prestigious and desirable areas to live in along the northeast shore of the US. This beach front community & family vacation spot is just a short drive from Manhattan, and has ocean front properties, gorgeous beaches and outstanding shopping for residents to enjoy all year long. This 18 mile long island is located on an island off of the coast of Ocean County NJ yet is close enough to Philadelphia (1 hour) and New York City (1.5 Hours) that commuting to either city is a breeze."

(*) Source of this example of real estate vision is taken from:

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