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<nettime> Share Prize | The winner is....
Simona Lodi on Thu, 8 Nov 2012 17:52:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Share Prize | The winner is....

Apologies for any cross-postings

Dear Nettimers,

the opening night of the eighth Piemonte Share Festival saw the
announcement of the winner of the Share Prize 2012, along with special
mentions of other commendable works. The aim of the Share Prize is to
discover, promote and support the digital arts. This year the prize
attracted entries from 270 artists located in 22 different countries.
The entries were short-listed by an international jury consisting of
Mirjam Struppek, Bruce Sterling, Carlo Ratti and Simona Lodi. The six
finalists were Jonathan Baldwin, Julian Koschowitz, Mariano Leotta, Mark
Shepard, Stanza, and VR/Urban.

The jury, represented by Mirjam Struppek, gave the following motivations
for its decision:

âThe short-list selected by the Jury reflects current artistic practice,
revealing an image of our city that seems to be more and more a system
ruled by data, information exchange or messages produced by us or our

Considering criteria such as the formal completeness of the art work,
the ability to communicate its message, the bridging of physical and
digital realities, the involvement of citizens as creators and the theme
Open Your City, the Jury decided to award the Share Prize to the British
artist Stanza. His work Capacities: Life In The Emergent City was found
to have effectively represented, both aesthetically and, above all,
technically, city life in real time, monitoring boroughs of London to
show the complexity of an urban location in real time as a system in
perpetual mutation.â

Sentient City by Mark Shepard received an Honorary Mention as it
poignantly questions such fashionable concepts as a "Smart City" based
on the internet of things and ubiquitous computing. Offering us an
artistic survival kit against an over-coded environment, he prepares us
for life in a dystopian sentient city.

Screen Program Dancing Hands
For the video screening Dancing Hands, a special mention went to Antoine
Schmitt for his City Lights Orchestra, considered the most
participatory, bottom-up project at Share Festival 2012. The Share
Festival is calling on everyone in Turin to take part in the
collaborative crowd- sourcing initiative City Light Orchestra to Open
Your City on 10th November at 9 pm.

The artist Antoine Schmitt needs your helping hands to turn your own
window into a blinking pixel of a huge collaborative urban screen. Set
up your computer for the pulsing light at the website below, extend the
time when its display goes to sleep, turn your screen-saver off and put
the browser to full screen, then, connect to
www.citylightsorchestra.net, put the computer near a window, switch off
the lights and go out and enjoy! Out on the street, visit the same web
page on your smart phone and pulse in rhythm with the symphony.


all the best,

Simona Lodi
art director

Simona Lodi
art director
Share Festival 8th ed.
art in digital culture
October 30 > November 11,2012
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Torino - IT
SMIR Sant'Evasio
Multimedia Center
European Project Alcotra
Mondovi - Embrun
The Sharing
Via Rossini 3 - 10124 Torino (IT)
phone: 0039.011.588.36.93
skype: simona.share.festival

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