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Re: <nettime> V for what? Brecht & Benjamin applied on contemporary acti
John Young on Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:44:07 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> V for what? Brecht & Benjamin applied on contemporary activism

Inspired observations about the saluatory benefits of military defeat.
Imagine for the triumphalist US:

Crushing prolonged abject compensation to all its defeated at home and
abroad, not the piddling bribery to agents of the cravenly quiescent
and their NGO-organized extortionists to educate and socialize into
victorious Caucasianist civilization.

Destruction of globe-threatening armaments and plowing under and
salting plantations of special operations training, black sites, war
memorials, de-pensioning warfighters and spies and their whoring

Lancing the infected boils of on- and off-campus classified research
and inventions for stand-off slaughter.

War crimes meted justice in hanging, quartering, beheading,
electrocuting, save a few for symbolic warning, the DARPA and IARPA
grants writers and lobbyists and scholars and Nobelists and grad
students sworn to life-time silence about perfidious apologia for
lucrative patriotism.

Clean-up of the earthly damage of warmaking and peace-breaking
industries and intelligentsia and media by indentured shanghaied from
those amoral cohorts.

Gulags for the war-industry resisters, re-education work camps for the
veterans who coasted to fame on the dead, chopping hands of saluters,
stoning of the god-recruiters who blessed valiant killers.

Imagine the censorship of Hollywoods and think tanks and complict
pseudo-critical cultural affairs around the globe promoting chauvinism
of nation, of men, of the rich, of the "best" educated, of the
literate, the eloquent, the cultured, the handsome and beautiful,
the successful, the overly-protected, -insured, -medicated,
-irresponsible, -unreachable, -unaccountable, -backed by the world's
most grotesque ever military empire.

Assassinate Oliver Stone and fey documentarians reaping benefits of
pretend opposition, relishing having it both ways ever available under
bleeding edge capitalism coutured in blanched jeans vintage cut for
fat asses.

Not likely, but could feed a generation of self-limped critics.
Brecht and Benjamin would be ashamed of the flaccid imitation of
their hard-earned and -lived observations by triumphalists waving
pretentious red scarves of 60s-fomented entertainment deneutering.

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