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<nettime> F(r)ee, Open (?) and Digital Culture(s) - slogans for selling
Eduardo Valle on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:28:51 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> F(r)ee, Open (?) and Digital Culture(s) - slogans for selling on the databases age ?

F(r)ee ?

Lets us look on four levels:

1) philosofical level -- what is to be free ?

2) consumer level - Living under Intel Monopoly on Microprocessors,
Apple Monopoly in terms of video and cinema, HP Monopoly in terms of
printers, Linux monopoly and growing because of they are cheaper for
govermental institutions and commerce, etc and etc.

3) administration level - ICANN dictatorship and their respective
agents on each country, IPV6 and their domain etc and etc controls
under the hands of a few.

4) on the industrial technological level - who are controlling
satellites transmissions on a technological level, telecoms lobbies
,internet providers, etc and etc
. How can someone talk about freedom in that situation ?

Open (?)

1) it is open for who ? for the ones that are programmers only ?

2) the majority of the ones that says that they are "open" dont even
think and practice open data.

Digital Culture (s)
1) How can someome talk about that, if ,what happens is a
digitalization of various cultures ?

2) Talking about Digital Culture in a singular way is totalitarian, is
a medium not a culture.

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