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<nettime> "idle no more", Re: Gone (to) Viral: Facebook Doomsday
Gita Hashemi on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:38:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> "idle no more", Re: Gone (to) Viral: Facebook Doomsday

i am not an advocate of facebook or other social media per se, but i do have a facebook account, just as i have a phone line, and several email addresses. frequently, i take a break from one or all. presently, i login to fb 2-3 times a day as i follow the development of "idle no more" indigenous rights movement in canada. IDLE NO MORE.

i humbly suggest that it is possible to use fb for purposes other than checking the latest narcissistic instagram pictures of our friends and their lunch, cat or baby, or other time and energy draining purposeless pursuits. and while there are many people who are not directly tied to political, intellectual or other exalted circles but who are on fb, it is possible to use fb as an effective communication tool to mobilize beyond our immediate circles and usual participants.

https://www.facebook.com/events/459526197437894/ (immigrants in support of idle no more)

interview with chief theresa spence of attawapiskat who is on her 10th day of a hunger strike:

about idle no more movement

flash mob round dances have been organized partly through fb and other social media for a week now. friday, 21st, the solstice day is a day of convergence on ottawa and dances in all cities, led and organized by indigenous activitsts, supported by immigrants recognizing that "we are all treaty people"

let's idle no more talking about fb, but check the fb page or twitter, or the website for info on IDLE NO MORE action near you.

one heart beat.
see you at the dance.

At 4:36 PM +0100 12/19/12, Geert Lovink wrote:
21/22/23 december 2012 - FACEBOOK Doomsday Campaign - The End of Facebook - Join Us!

It's not the END of the world, it's END the of the world as we know it..and in this world?Facebook has become way too time and energy draining for many of us, causing distraction, disconnection and distress in its anti-privacy / exploitation scheme.

The TIME has come to put FACEBOOK to an END! #Facebookdoomsday

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