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<nettime> Social & Natural Volcanos: Orange Alert in Patagonia during Ch
Tjebbe van Tijen on Wed, 26 Dec 2012 18:45:40 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Social & Natural Volcanos: Orange Alert in Patagonia during Christmas holidays of the Dutch House of Orange

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Social & Natural Volcanos: Orange Alert in Patagonia

SOCIAL & NATURAL VOLCANOS: ORANGE ALERT IN PATAGONIA with the future Dutch king and his family staying at the premises of the local Governor of the regions at the Nahuel Huapi Lake (lake of the Puma in Mapuche Indian language).

On wednesday the 19th the royals had their traditional photo=press shoot to show of their well to do state to the royalist press, while one day later a 'SOCIAL VOLCANO' errupted in the nearby town of Bariloche where the poor and revolting started to loot a supermarket, an incident that started off with the failure to deliver timely the promised food-support packages. The self-help proletarian shopping soon crossed over into the looting of less essential luxurious goods, as every one likes to fancy themselves to be royals.

Meanwhile the local volcano, just over the border at 45 kilometers from the royal residence, choose to erupt once more, as it had done last year just after Christmas. The local authorities have given out a Red Alert for this NATURAL VOLCANO.

Lake Nahuel Huapi is thought to be in Mapuche lore the home of a mythical monster 'Nahuelito', some claim to have seen this humped snake, also described as a survived Plesiosaur and of course there are mysterious photographs showing Nahuelito.

The members of the House of Orange certainly do have the habit of attracting danger during their holidays.

BOXING DAY IN ARGENTINA was a few days earlier this year with 'proletarian shopping' starting in the resort city of Bariloche, 1,563 kilometers (971 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, at the same moment that the Dutch royals were enjoying their Christmas holidays in a fake castle situated at the same lake at this small city. It started with the local poor claiming their welfare support food boxes from a local supermarket and as that did not come soon enough, people started to take things themselves without paying, within short time - as usual - the ownership barriers evaporated and more serious shopping started. The same phenomenon with slight variations in other cities of Argentina. Observers noted that other than the big looting in the year 2001, this time it was not for food only but for luxurious goods. The last thing is seen by the ruling classes as an even worse offence, as hunger may be accepted, but lower classes wanting to possess the same thing as the higher classes,
  is something 'not done'...

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