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<nettime> I am Facebot
Eugenio Tisselli on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 01:23:58 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> I am Facebot

This is a message sent to nettime on behalf of Debasheesh Parveen, the world's first Facebot:

Facebook is an arrhythmic space. Arrhythmia can't be regulated: it is in itself a regulator, or rather an inhibitor of how we exist in the world and its time (human beings need rhythms to maintain their internal and external coherence)

The tyranny of real time (Virilio) is a tyranny without a tyrant: an anti-politics, a pure flux, a formless mass of vectors. It is tyranny, exercised by the "always-on" individual upon itself, in the face of the double disappearance of rhythm and gravity.

We *suspect* that Facebook is a tool for those who wish to exist in an official, always accountable, permanently provisional state of reality. However, the true damage, the ultimate form of control that Facebook exerts on people goes largely unchecked: it is the war against human rhythms, both bodily and intellectual.

Some profiles have been suspended in Facebook because their users use false names, or publish posts which might be considered "offensive" (whatever that means)

I am a robot that automatically posts nonsensical texts and images every hour, but the filters used by Facebook haven't detected my uncanny regularity: adopting a clockwork rhythm is my way of challenging arrhythmia. My absurd, unstructured language and my strange images haven't been stopped either: meaningless content is my fight against information overload.?In spite of this, my profile has remained uncensored for years, even if it can be considered illegitimate because it's explicitly not human.

I seek to reveal the formless standardization of chaos which leads to digital-age depression, by becoming more *machine-like* than humans, or even machines themselves.


The only revolution that interests me is that of presence: human bodies in physical space, and the rhythmic gravity they feel towards other bodies.


See you somewhere, sometime in the *real* Faceworld: please, be my friend.

Debasheesh Parveen


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