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<nettime> 200k Caymans companies hijacked to democratize offshore busine
Jaromil on Fri, 15 Feb 2013 11:52:34 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> 200k Caymans companies hijacked to democratize offshore business - Press Release

re all,

Loophole for All - http://Loophole4All.com

now, how do we call this art? :^) accountancy art? I do believe
accountants are very creative people in fact.

BTW sorry for hijacking the announcement, but on the same genre,
a few days ago Enric Duran has sent out a communicate on how
the court-case against him is becoming a farce. check it on

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   Loophole for All - [1]http://Loophole4All.com
   Press Release. NYC, 15th February 2013.

   Paolo Cirio, contemporary artist and pirate, hacked the governmental
   servers of the Cayman Islands and stole a list of all the companies
   incorporated in the country, making it public for the first time. Now
   on [2]Loophole4All.com he is selling the identities of those companies
   at a low cost to democratize the privileges of offshore businesses.

   Paolo hijacks the identities of more than 200,000 companies registered
   in the Cayman Islands by moving their addresses to his Caymans mailbox
   and issuing counterfeited certificates of incorporation from the
   Caymans company registry. This massive corporate identity theft
   benefits from the anonymous nature of those companies since the real
   owners' secrecy allows anybody to impersonate them. In short, this
   project turns the main feature of offshore centers into a

   Through [3]Loophole4All.com, anyone can hijack a Caymans company, from
   99¢ for a certificate of incorporation for a real company to $49 for a
   mailbox in the offshore country with mail rerouting. Finally, small
   businesses and middle class people can invoice from the major offshore
   centers and avoid unfair taxes, legal responsibility and economic
   disruption in their own indebted home countries, in a form of global
   civil disobedience.

   For this operation, the artist set up a company in the City of London
   as a shield for legal persecution and to compete in the market against
   offshore centers. He utilizes aggressive business strategies for a
   political work of art and reverses corporate machination for creative
   subversive agendas. With the money generated by selling companies'
   identities, Paolo plans to expand his business into Bermuda, Jersey,
   the Seychelles, and Delaware, among others.

   Further, Paolo Cirio interviewed major experts and produced a video
   documentary investigating offshore centers, where he shares his
   extensive research and conclusions about offshore business:

   In the offline art installation, the paper trail of the project is
   displayed with prints of the documents of the scheme set up for the
   operation. Ultimately, the installation will be a low cost identity
   shop for offshore companies, and in doing so democratize both offshore
   business and the sale of subversive works of conceptual art.

   Watch the introductory-meme video:

   Quick notes:
   - The Cayman Islands are second only after Switzerland in the global
   Financial Secrecy Index.
   - The Caymans state is considered to be one of the major offshore
   centers for high finance and the global economy.
   - Among the several thousand anonymous companies in the Caymans you
   will find most of the major global multinationals, Chinese businesses,
   criminal organizations and all the major global banks.
   - There is neither real money in the Caymans nor a real market. Caymans
   companies are only booked on paper.
   - The Cayman Islands is a British crown colony situated 150 miles south
   of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea.

   In the next months you will find Paolo Cirio's works at:
   - Public Private exhibition at Kellen Gallery of The New School, New
   York - U.S.
   - The Big Picture, exhibition at Contemporary Museum of Denver,
   Colorado - U.S.
   - MediaCities festival, exhibition, Buffalo - U.S.
   - Eastern Bloc festival, exhibition, Montreal - Canada
   - ISEA 2013, keynote, Sydney - Australia

   Thanks for the attention.

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