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Re: <nettime> [Manning]

Pretty fwd:

the blogger's (Bruce K.Gagnon)  page:

The post:
Sunday last, 3 c.m.

The text (aka: the comment):

"We who?"
Please, Americans,,,
"To create a new Germany was the task. What happened? An image of  
old, the German Confederation was founded really.
The People's Party would exist, would the democratic savior of  
Germany want to save democracy, they would resist this Auskaunft.
She had said on their behalf STONE, the dynasties were indifferent to  
him, was now the dynasties and the old private German States, with  
all its ancient glories, - Stands and bishops, and even not the Holy  
Father except - elevated to a principle of the new age look.
With the first breath of life of the German of the germ of the  
Democratic party is smothered in Germany: the demagogic machinations  
are playing tricks, without any other, as a fantastic reality: have  
the bottom of the real world, the old territorial rulers alone regain  
possession and what their no residences those notions floating in the  
air as a revolutionary imagination: the necessary fate of the so- 
called demagoguery.
So there are no political parties: the happiness of the political  
death has been bestowed upon us. We rot in the private nature, we are  
politically a happy corpse, if not quite so, but as to the model of  
the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, understood from the time  
when there was no nation.
So who really won? The restoration of the historic private rights.  
Who has been defeated? Democracy and human rights of the revolution.  
Even more, the Democratic Party is destroyed. Arnold Ruge 1843".

Now, Amerika, the game is very over. Manning with his speech has  
called for quit finally from the Objectivity World, a.k.a.  
>From now every day, every speech, every tear for him inside  
Objectivity will mean use another human to clean Lady Holy's hands in  
Boston, Sacramento, Austin and so on
Manning now has the right to escape and reach a place (and humans)  
where subjectivity can survive. Maybe Aotearoa, maybe Dandong, maybe  
Papua New Guinea, but please, don;t ask again to "come together"  
inside the Cannibal States of Hope. Even lemmings hate that remote  

Best regards.

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