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Re: <nettime> Bitcoin, the end of the Taboo on Money
olivier auber on Tue, 9 Apr 2013 07:13:29 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Bitcoin, the end of the Taboo on Money

Waiting for the fail of Bitcoin : OpenUDC

OpenUDC aims to define a set of open protocols and standards to
exchange new currencies, and to provide a free software implementation
of them.

UDC means Universal Digital Currencies or Universal Dividend
Currencies. Both definitions are fair since a currency in line with
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights HAVE TO apply the Universal

The OpenUDC project has a theoretical reference to the Th=E9orie
Relative de la Monnaie (TRM) which can be read to understand why
OpenUDC uses Universal Dividend Money System.

The Universal Monetary Dividend as defined in the TRM is more precise
than the Basic income as it specifies where the money comes from, how
it is created, and why so. But the TRM is not a technical description
of how such a money system can be developed concretely, and so the
choices of OpenUDC technical tools are totally independent of the TRM.

OpenUDC implementations allow human members to exchange in a spirit of
equity, digital goods and services in space, between members, and
time, between members and future members.


Olivier Auber

2013/4/8 Carsten Agger <agger {AT} modspil.dk>

> Florian Cramer wrote:
>> What I fail to understand is why you consider this a political gain (to
>> quote your paper):
> Felix Stalder wrote:
>> Or, if you see "the state" inherently tied to dominant interests and
>> therefore working against the interests of the majority. And then, the
>> current state of affairs would be merely a more open display of what
>> which is normal, though usually less well visible. This is, basically,
>> the anarchist/libertarian position.
>> If you believe the latter, then I think one of the difficulties lies in
>> how to fight "the state" (say, through promoting bitcoin) without
>> falling onto the trap of promoting the market as the alternative form of
>> marco-coordination (which is what US-type libertarians advocate).
> First of all, the problem of no state control and of taxation will soon
> be moot, I think. For the moment Bitcoin exists in a legal limbo, but as
> their value and importance continue to increase, states will start
> treating them as assets with a market value which must be declared - as
> some sort of digital gold.

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