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CG on Sun, 21 Apr 2013 16:53:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Reply: nettime-l Digest, Vol 67, Issue 15+ - Still UncleScrooge Coins?

It's time to recover lessons from useful past and don't follows 
Snowhite's and other Mirrors funnies.
Since Feuerbach, we understand exactly what is "subject" and 
"predicate", even if periodically neoidealism, bergsonism, proudhonism, 
heideggerism and other irrational-isms (fully analytics but zero 
substances) try to cook the same old smog. I understand that now is 
impossible to read, tweeting or tubing, papers like "Das Kap" and, with 
the risk to "keep it too much simple", maybe useful for Jasnaja Poljana 
or J.Dewey "kommunist" last-survived school only, here some suggestions 
from strange humans.
"Salary ("handcraft, even with the pen !") and capital ("slot machines' 
watermelons") ARE in opposition" (Saint Simon).
"In response to Philosophy of misery, here is a book, my justfriend Joe: 
"The misery of philosophy", so you can easily  apply leftwing hegelian 
method (by a such socratic type, but with heavy beard, husband of an 
unknown Jenny von Westphalen).
"Don't make the old mistake to exchange the products of drunkless mind 
with the symbolic ones coming from the hungedhumans tree (an entity 
that  use to play "big bangs", talking to a neocon named Adam ... Smith, 

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