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Re: <nettime> the leopard 2.0 - nothing changes in italy and the mummy w
Jim on Sat, 27 Apr 2013 17:32:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> the leopard 2.0 - nothing changes in italy and the mummy wins (...

I'm a bit at a loss here, cari Italiani, help me out. As anarchist by conviction, I think every initiative that wrests power from those who usurp it to then distribute it, should be welcomed. I also think that a future democracy will have to use the spread and speed of computer- mediated and online technology to tap into the skills and experiences [or wisdom] of the crowd. [City Mine(d) is about to start experimenting with what we call "augmented democracy" at a local level, but liquid democracy or delegative democracy are much further developed]. Seen from London, the difference in strategy between Pirate Parties and the 5star movement did not look so different. Granted, Grillo is a clown, but that seems to be more of a condition than a problem for entering in Italian politics. So where did it go wrong ? Is the 5star movement only paying lip service to new forms of democracy and is it just another vehicle to get to power ? Is having a figurehead necessary, or contradictory to new forms of politics ? And thinking outside the Grillo-grid to be also relevant for Pirate Parties: would implementing a new form of democracy happen through elections, or rather through Gramscian strategies of taking key positions in society and then changing the game rather than becoming best at a game you don't agree with in the first place? As I said, I'm confused, thoughts are welcome.


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