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<nettime> \ \ Dear Art who art in heaven ...
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<nettime> \ \ Dear Art who art in heaven ...


Dear 'artists', don't be upset.

Open.Spells ?? is just peeling the leaves off the glamorous world of 'non-profit' 'art' financed entirely by tax payers.

After all, the tax payers and really the world, should be more aware how the glitzy fa??ade,
15 minute reality, of 'non-profit' keyword satured 'art' is created and maintained.

Highly advanced keywords are doing somersaults, eco this, bio that, sustainable, bottom up, o p e n, g r e e n,
you name it, yet, sans the .govt umbilical cord the entire charade would come to a grinding halt, and pronto --
our dear 'artists' dissipating at 1001 km/h off a sinking ship in search of a new and ecological welfare system.

You, dear 'non-profit' 'artists' are accountable to the people that finance your 'art'.

Don't be upset if we parallel the wonderful fa??ade with the reality flowing gently and not so gently beneath it.

After all, I'm abs. certain a totality of you applaud Wikileaks as simply democratic and so so genial.
Don't be mad when the 'art' world starts to leak a tiny bit, when alcohol fueled hybrid realities
whisper some of their secrets.


Open.Spells is sponsored by Dumnezeu exclusively, thus we extend our sincere apologies
to the tax payers for not wasting yet more of their money during its creation.

We promise that next time we shall call it P!ssyLeaks or something even catchier
so it can more readily fit within the advanced democratic vocabulary.

- courtly bow ??

| 3 |

GDVS ??F??????3  S??? 

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