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Re: <nettime> \ \ Dear Art who art in heaven ...
Morlock Elloi on Mon, 3 Jun 2013 14:59:53 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> \ \ Dear Art who art in heaven ...

Now that you mention it, and not strictly related ... why are the personal
income numbers regarded a secret in the first world middle classes? What's
left of middle classes anyway.

There is no obvious reason for it, past the demagogic bs. This 'secret' is
shared with the state, but hidden from peers and minions. What is the
social significance of this number, so that it must not be known?

Back to nettime, if we knew how much exactly these, ehm, artists and
thinkers are making, how would it change the perception? 

Do a thought experiment:

a. Brian makes $20k/year
b. Brian makes $100k/year
c. Brian makes $500k/year.

How would this knowledge (a, b, c) change your perception of the spilled

> Don't be mad when the 'art' world starts to leak a tiny bit,
> when alcohol fueled hybrid realities
> whisper some of their secrets.

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